For English Speakers

3.For home owners
4.For corporates/business partners
5.Theme party planning
6.Tokyo Home Furnishing Shops Tour




Haruka Matsubara
Home Designer, representative of Pines & Field.

Born in 1987.
1995 – Moved to U.S.A as an 8-year-old with her family, grew up in the quiet suburb near Ann Arbor of Michigan until high school graduation.

2005 – Majored Advertising and Minored Anthropology at Boston University College of Communications, and graduated 1 year early in 2008. During the university years she enjoyed not only the beauty of Boston’s historical architectures and cobblestone streets but also the beautiful neighborhoods decorated with fresh flowers and sophisticated antique furniture.

2008 – Joined JPMorgan Securities Japan
2011 – Joined Goldman Sachs Japan
2013 – Resigned GS, established Pines & Field. 






The mission for Pines & Field is to provide unique home design and guidance filled with hospitality for those who are in search of their dream home but are lost on where they should start or what to do.

In Japan, when people want to get an advise on interior design they typically go to home furnishing stores where they could get consulting on home design for free. However the floor plan they would suggest only consists of the items they have on their catalog. Don’t you feel restrained when your option is so limited as such when there are more than a hundred home furnishing shops out there in Tokyo (the number majorly goes up when you include online stores)? In the first place, you would have to have some kind of ideas in order to have the salesperson to suggest you a floor plan but what if you were so lost that you didn’t have any ideas to give? As an expert who is on top of the latest hot home décor items and stores, Pines & Field will suggest you the home decor ideas that matches your style and needs. The meeting will be held at your home where I will analyze your style and measure your rooms and furniture, and then provide you with the floor plan and a list of new items.  

3. For Home Owners


Services offered by Pines & Field consist of 3 types of package. Please check out details and prices as below.

Imagine your dream home Create your dream home Do It Yourself!
Details Will give your home a makeover in just one day, using only the furniture and home accessories you already own. You will receive home décor ideas that will shed new light at the items you’ve been using for years. This package includes everything you need to give your home a new look: consultation fee, the cost of furniture, installation, etc. Will help your way to choose your perfect furniture along with creative ideas on home décor. Perfect for those needing help with DIY projects. Ask our expert on how to manage DIY project dealing with Japanese rented house rules. This includes all you need: will help your way through on the color/style, rent you all the tools you need, etc.
# of visits to your place 1 4~ 2
Duration 4 hrs 1 month+ since the first visit first visit (90min) , Work day (5~8hrs)
New layout idea ×
Floor plan × ×
List of new furniture × △(material:wallpaper,paint, etc)
Furniture cost ×
Shopping on behalf/Shipping cost ×
Installation × ×
DIY support × ×


Imagine your dream home

2~6jou (3.31 ~ 9.93 m2) 19,000yen +tax
6~10jou (9.93 ~ 16.55 m2) 21,000yen +tax
10~16jou (16.55 ~ 26.48 m2) 26,000yen +tax
16~20jou (26.48 ~ 36.48 m2) 34,000yen +tax

Create your dream home
Please refer to below sample case as a reference. Please contact us for your estimate.

Sample :home for 1 person
Layout Studio 18jou(30㎡) 
Price 380,000yen +tax
Furniture included bed, bedding, table, chair, tv, fridge, microwave, lights, curtain, decoration accessories, etc.

Do it yourself!

Wallpaper 12,000yen ~ +tax/ 1㎡
Paint 15,000yen ~ +tax/ 1㎡
Tile carpet 11,000yen ~ +tax/ 1㎡
Floor makeover 11,000yen ~ +tax/ 1㎡
Furniture makeover 18,000yen ~ +tax/ 1 item

○How to send a query○

Please send us a request to set a meeting at our office (no charge). Kindly fill in below details and send your request through Contact us.

Booking Request for {Imagine or Create or DIY} (English)

1)Date, time of first meeting
2)Rooms you need help on (number of rooms, details about your room [living room, bedroom, etc]).
3)Your address and nearest station


4.For corporates/business partners



We are looking for property owners/real estates who needs help with interior design of
their properties before selling/renting them out.
Properties such as homes for rent/sale, commercial shops, Airbnb, guest house, hostel, etc.

Business owners who need consultation on their interior design are also welcomed.

Package include:
- consultation
- furniture cost
- floor plan
- shopping on behalf/shipping cost
- transportation cost
- installation/decoration
- photo shoot for your ads

Sample :1 Airbnb unit
Layout Studio 18jou(30㎡) 
Price 450,000yen +tax
Furniture included bed, bedding, table, chair, tv, fridge, microwave, lights, curtain, decoration accessories, etc.

Sample :Beauty salon makeover
Layout 15㎡ 
Price 200,000yen +tax
Furniture included designer’s chairs, cushions, console table, accent wall (paint work hrs included), decoration accessories

○How to send a request○

Kindly fill in below details and send your request through Contact us.

Business package request for {type of your property} (English)

1)Date, time of first meeting
2)Layout/size of your property
3)Address and nearest station of your property


5.Theme party planning



Need help on party/event planning? Will provide you with a professional guidance to plan your customized theme party.

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, graduation, corporate parties, etc.

Consultation on the theme Will the theme and concept of the party that match with the occasion.
Color coordinate Provide you with the idea on the color selection that goes perfect with your theme.
Decoration/installation Using our handmade party items
Food / Drink menu Will coordinate food and original house cocktail menus that will match your theme.
Paper items Everything will be customized
・Table number plate
・Name plate
・Food menu
・Food plate

○How to send a request○

Kindly fill in below details and send your request through Contact us.

Party planning request for {type of your event} (English)

1)Date, time of first meeting
2)Size of your event
3)Address and nearest station of the place


6.Tokyo Home Decor Shops Tour


Will provide you a personally customized tour for English speakers on home furnishing shops in Tokyo. Selection of the shops will be according to the style of your choice: Mid-century, Scandinavian, vintage, etc. Or if you are simply looking for particular furniture (sofas, dining tables, etc) this tour could be customized to such needs as well.

Did you know that there are more than 100 home furnishing shops in Tokyo? Even if you did know the number, do you know where you can find what you need? Here’s the good news! The tour will introduce you to the selected shops in Tokyo based on the theme you choose. Send in your request and book a tour with Haruka now!

Price: \4,000/hr per person
Duration: Minimum 3 hours, Maximum 6 hours

≪How to send a request≫
Kindly fill in below details and send your request from here. Please
enter your subject as “Tour Request (English)”.

1)Date, time
2)Number of people (available from one person)
3)If you would like to see stores based on your interior style, let us know
4)If you would like to see specific furniture, let us know
5)Anything else you would like to let us know


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